For the native Americans Mt. Tacoma/Tahoma, or commonly known as Mt. Rainier, is one of the sacred mountains. Certain mountains in the native lore, are forbidden to climb. In the ancient past, these tall mountains were known to be a resting place for powerful malevolent spirits. Of course, we are talking about active volcanoes and their powerful destructive [...]

Point Defiance Park

Mercury is rising, as July comes to an end, the temperature starts to soar. How can someone love summer? I think to myself, no rain, no clouds no shade no relief to my thirsty rain deprived soul. Regardless, in pursuit of adventure, we set out to explore places we haven't been before. We drive 35 [...]

Soul searching started years ago.

It all started a year before 2012, the year of awakening as some call it, and now I believe it. 2011 things were just warming up, like prepping me for the big surgery, lessons that I had yet to learn for further expansion of my consciousness. Every possible hurdle life could throw at me, it did, physically, emotionally [...]

Gold Creek Pond

After 32 days of hot weather and no rain, the clouds finally come rolling in, not the ones that actually pour rain but the ones that hide the sun just enough to make the weather somewhat tolerable. I love clouds, so I decided to head out to someplace with a lake, a terrain that is [...]

At the edge of the world, somewhere in South West Washington

Road trips in Washington state are one of the things that I love to do. Last Memorial day weekend drew me out to explore yet another corner of this beautiful evergreen state. This time it was time to explore Cape Disappointment. Don't worry, the place is far from disappointing. It is one of the eeriest yet magical [...]

A day in Astoria, Oregon

Astoria is only 3.5 - 4  hours drive from Seattle. Here, right under our nose, we have some famous and some not-so-famous attractions. Astoria is a small city,  however, it is packed with history and some very scenic spots. I consider myself a person who likes to spend time being at the place soaking in [...]